CHILDREN OF BODOM’s Jaska Raatikainen Whips Out His “Warheart” In This Live Drum Cam


I would be lying if I told you that I DIDN’T wear an XXL Follow the Reaper hoodie all through my years in junior high. Children of Bodom’s early records were hugely influential in getting me to start playing music and I’m super excited to see that they’ve still got it!

This SickDrummer Magazine video captures Bodom taking us all the way back to 1999’s Hatebreeder and I must say, I am pretty stoked with how damn good this material has held up, especially in a live setting. Jaska is one of those drummers that isn’t necessarily the fastest or most technical guy, but he holds it down so hard that it doesn’t even matter. This song in particular was a good one for Sick Drummer to film him for, because it employs a good deal of blast beats, nasty fills, and fast double kicks. Also, I may be wrong here but I am pretty sure that he isn’t playing to a click which is really sick! Children of Bodom has always had a certain rock and roll aesthetic, so ditching the click really gives them the opportunity to groove things out based on how the band is feeling. With a drummer like Jaska, these guys can count on a solid drum performance no matter how many beers they’ve had!

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