Here’s 30 Seconds of Trivium’s New Drummer Rehearsing and Ripping

I didn’t even realize that Trivium had already replaced drummer Mat Madiro, who starting filling in for the band after they parted ways with powerhouse Nick Augusto in 2014. But they have, and they’ve got a new kid on the throne, Paul Wandkte.


Paul’s got a pretty tight resume. He studied with Mike Mangini at Berklee, manned the kit for the musical Rock of Ages, and has spent time in several other bands on big-time tours. And in case you were at all concerned that Paul wouldn’t be able to throw down on the band’s toughter, faster parts, well, you should check out the below rehearsal [edit: and live] clip and have your worries assuaged. Dude can rip.

Trivium are going on a U.S. run, starting tonight at the Chameleon club in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Get dates for the tour here.

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