NAMM 2016 – Z.Vex Effects’ Insane Candle-Powered Vibrophase

I was jaded pretty early on by the attempts to make “quirky” new gear stuff at NAMM, until I walked over to the Z.Vex Effects’ booth. I’ve been an admirer of Zach’s work for years – as have many metal bands, including Wooly Mammoth Fuzz users Mastodon – and was excited to get to meet him and talk about 1800’s machinery and the history of science.


Dude didn’t disappoint. Special for NAMM, Zach built what he calls the Candela Vibro-Phase, the world’s first candle-powered guitar pedal. This thing is absolutely insane, and sounds great! So I locked Zach down and made sure he gave us the rundown on how it works, for you to all enjoy. You’re gonna want to click play on this video:

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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