Starting an 80’s Hair Metal Band? Let Metal Mike Teach You How to Riff!

Guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak has had an interesting career. He falls into the rare category of metal guitarist-for-hire, who happens to have played with a number of top tier acts – including Rob Halford, Testament, Sebastian Bach, and more – sort of like the way great rock session players like pre-Zeppelin Jimmy Page in the 1960’s would seemingly play on every other big band’s single.


Now, I’m not necessarily the biggest Metal Mike fan. I certainly enjoyed his playing on the Sebastian Bach solo records, but as a massive Slave to the Grind-era Skid Row fan, I’m a bit biased. But there’s no denying that the man has been around the block multiple times, and has years of experience playing a lot of different styles of mainstream metal. So for all you classic metal enthusiasts, Mike has got a lengthy video instructional lesson in which he tackles a lot of the major tropes and tricks behind riffing in the 80’s style, courtesy of Guitar World. Check it out below:

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