Metal Allegiance Keeps the All-Star Clinic/Concert Tradition Alive at This Year’s NAMM

Remember all of the kickass coverage that Gear Gods had of the Metal Masters 5 clinic at Winter NAMM a year ago? Were you bummed out that there appears to be no Metal Masters 6? I was scratching my head, wondering how they could let all that potential awesome just fizzle out.


Well look at what we have here. This new Metal Allegiance tour looks, well, suspiciously similar to Metal Masters. A bunch of gods of thrash metal? Check. Specifically a bunch of dudes from Anthrax, plus David Ellefson, Mike Portnoy, Gary Holt, Rex Brown, Chuck Billy, and Chris Broaderick? Check. Metal in the title? Double check.

So yeah, if you’re going to be in Anaheim at Winter NAMM then you’d best be attending. The concert will be held on January 21st at the House of Blues, and tickets can be procured here. But if you can’t get a hold of a ticket, or you won’t be nearby, or maybe you just hate other people then why not live stream it? The Music Zoo will be hosting said stream, for your viewing pleasure. Click here for the link.

Not sold on the star pentagram-studded extravaganza? Then let Charlie Benate break it down for you. Charlie may not cheat, but he sure do preach.

My only question is, “what, no Billy Sheehan?” But anyway, for more info head to

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