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Why are rock and metal the go-to music of choice for professional poker players?

The man who mastered Graceland and Born To Run is interviewed about his life and career.

Charlie Benante teases with some brief in-studio clips.

It's pretty much everyone in metal condensed into a super-concert with a dangerous gravitational pull, and you can live stream

He's popping up all over the internet lately. He's a pair of videos including a new episode of Metalhead to

The former Anthrax guitarist is still king of good tone in his current band.

It's pronounced LEH-gah-tor, not Le-GAY-ter, which makes it sound like a terrifying creature of the abyss.

Straight to you from NAMM 2014.

There may or may not be several masks and Gary Holt involved.

He'll keep this up until the new album next year.