You Can’t Vol-Beat the Nice Job Rob Caggiano Did on His Pedalboard

I’m a sucker for midi control of analog gear. You get the best of both worlds: complete control of very specific presets, but without the questionable tone of a digital amp. And if there’s one thing Volbeat/former Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano is known for, it’s big tone from high-powered amps. He’s a Fryette endorse, and I’ve been a fan of his tone for quite a while. His main amps are a Sig:X and a Deliverance, or they were the last time I caught a photo of his setup.


T.C. Electronic caught up with him to focus on the pedal side of it. As I was saying, his midi control is pretty smart. Instead of a separate loop box and controller he has them combined into one unit, using Musicomlabs’ EFX MKIII (or maybe it’s an older MKII since my look at the video was a bit blocky on this poor internet connection that I’m currently on).

Of course, this wouldn’t be a T.C. video without some T.C. pedals to focus on. In this case, Rob is using a Spark Booster and Mojo Jojo… er, MojoMojo. I would have appreciated a look at the amps and guitars in this video, but still, that’s a well designed pedalboard down there. Take a look.

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