Kill Zombies With ANTHRAX Guitarist Scott Ian’s New Pedal

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and KHKD Electronics have teamed up for the all-new, amp-slash-boost Scott Ian JSL pedal. The pedal is based heavily on Ian’s limited edition Sgt D pedal and is only available as 333 limited units.


The JSL is split into two separate sides – the boost side and the amp side. The boost side is controlled by Treble, Boost and Bass knobs, while the amp side can be modified through Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume and Gain knobs. Both sides have their own footswitch, meaning you can operate them independently. It’s also worth noting that the boost side is modeled after Ian’s tone from the early Anthrax and S.O.D. days.

“Little known fact: back in 1984, while creating Anthrax, I was recruited for an elite intergalactic combat force,” said Ian about the pedal. “My superpower was looking insanely good in floral bermudas, as has been immortalized in the leaked render from one of my most epic battles. To honor this stage of my life, I’ve decided to share my trusted weapon with a few of you chosen.”

The JSL is available here for $249.99.