Anthrax Are in the Studio Recording Drums, But That’s All We Know

Well, we know a little bit more than that, but not much. We know that the band is in a Los Angeles studio with producer Jay Ruston (who worked on the band’s last record Worship Music as well as releases from Steel Panther, Stone Sour, Killswitch Engage, Gus G, and more). We also know that the band is recording a song for an HBO-produced Game of Thrones mixtape, “Catch the Throne” that’ll feature them alongside, uh, Common.


And now, we know that they’re tracking drums, as drummer Charlie Benante has uploaded a few little teaser clips from the tracking sessions. We don’t hear much new music, but for Anthrax fans, I’m sure it’s a welcome sign to see that the band is back at work. I didn’t think Worship Music was a great record, but I thought it was a vast improvement over the last few releases, and has a lot of stuff the band could build from. Here’s to hoping we don’t get a dad-thrash album!

In the meantime, why not dig in to some class ‘Thrax, “Got The Time” off my personal favorite record of theirs, Persistence of Time:

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