ANTHRAX’s Scott Ian Talks About His Signature JACKSON GUITARS Backstage on Tour


At one of Anthrax’s gigs on their global “For All Kings” tour, Jackson Guitars met up with the legendary thrash axesmith Scott Ian to talk about the tools he’s been recently using. He’s got a whole bunch of his signature King Vs in the boat this time around, in a variety of finishes and hardware configurations – some with Floyds, some with hardtails, some tuned to Eb standard and others in drop C#.

With as crazy and exotic as boutique guitar building has gotten in recent years, Ian’s Jacksons may not be the most eye-catching instruments you’ve ever seen, but they’ve got a timeless heavy metal look and loads of undeniable character. One in particular has a corroded mirrored pick guard from sitting in a storage unit too long, and I’m positive it adds some psychosomatic tone that you just won’t get from anything else.

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