Alex Skolnick of TESTAMENT & Dave Davidson of REVOCATION Jam Out And Talk Jazz


Alex Skolnick (Testament, Metal Allegiance, Alex Skolnick Trio) & Dave Davidson (Revocation) are two guys who push the boundaries of metal every day with their shred-tastic approach to guitar. Ranging from thrash to death metal, these two axe-men harness an unstoppable force in the extreme genre, but today we bring them together to discuss a mutual love, and secret weapon in their playing arsenal, jazz!

Sit down with Skolnick and Davidson, as these two hip cats jam on some tasty licks and discuss how they fell in love with jazz, how it enhances their playing and music-writing for their metal bands, and the parallels they find between the two genres. It’s the discussion topic open-minded metal shredders have been waiting for!

Make sure to pre-order Revocation‘s new album, The Outer Ones, coming to Metal Blade Records on September 28th.

Pre-order the new Metal Allegiance, Volume II Power Drunk Majesty, available on September 7th. You can also pre-order the new Alex Skolnick Trio album, Conundrum available on September 7th.

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