ROB SCALLON Plays “Cowboys From Hell” On The Dean ML Dimebag Ukulele

Ok, so Dean hasn’t actually made a Dimebag signature ukulele – the ML shape was born when Dime was 11 years old, and although he played the same shape exclusively throughout most of his career, it was only popularized by him and informed his later signature guitar, the Razorback. But good luck separating that shape from the image of Dime burned into your subconscious – the two are inextricably linked.


So when Rob Scallon saw the Dean ML Uke, he knew what he had to do – jam some freakin’ Pantera. Cowboys From Hell was the obvious choice, because of the extreme juxtaposition of the toughguy posturing in the lyrical content to the tiny sounds coming off the wee uke. It’s comedic – and yet the song stands up under even these most bizarre of circumstances.

Get your very own Dean ML uke here for about $150 and get to A New Level of ukulele shred.

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