April 2016

The Protomen conclude their earth-shattering list of Top Ten's.

For your inspirational moment of the year.

Using his wacky new Ibanez signature prototype!

Jay discusses the duality of his kick drumming

The hammer to Nail the Mix for May will be Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Motionless in White) and

Aharrr me hearties, 'tis piratey goodness ye be wantin', then thar be treasure inside!

If this was a leprechaun's rainbow, there's one unhappy leprechaun somewhere

Oh sure, when I do it it's "Trey you're making too much noise" and "Trey you're ruining mom's good china

Max speaks with the engineer behind Deafheaven, Ghostlimb, Loma Prieta, and more.