April 2016

The Protomen begin their list takeover of Gear Gods with some awful moments in otherwise tremendous songs.

My eternal prophecy is that this band is going places

Music theory for everyone! Ok, maybe not for children.

All the gear from the Shape of Colour Tour!

Dig an exclusive dual guitar/drum playthrough for new track "The Keepers of the Light."

Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist and Backroom Studios owner Kevin Antreassian runs down the basics of how to use phase relationships

Wanna hear what AC/DC would sound like with Rob Halford? We have it in here!

The new wave of Iron Labels has arrived.

Featuring Drewsif Stalin, The Fine Constant, Save Us From The Archon, and Aenimus.

A big step forward for this band, on a track featuring Mike Semesky!