Watch INGESTED’s Guitarist And Drummer Rip Through “All I’ve Lost”

Ingested guitarist Sean Hynes and drummer Lyn Jeffs are now streaming their playthroughs of the crushing single “All I’ve Lost” exclusively through GearGods. Ingested‘s new album Ashes Lie Still featuring “All I’ve Lost” is available here.


“When writing Ashes Lie Still, All I’ve Lost was one of the first songs I wrote drums to, it has some simple but effective parts but I believe these types of songs are good to let the instruments sing for themselves and use embellishments where there’s space for it,” said Jeffs. “Hope you all enjoy watching this playthrough as well as listening to the rest of the album!”

Jeffs’ gear includes:

Legend Series

  • 10″x7″, 12″x8″, 16″x16″ Toms
  • 2x 20″x16″ Kick Drums
  • 14″x6″ Bluebird Snare

Paiste Cymbals

Other gear

  • Trick Pro 1-V Pedals
  • London Drumstick Co Artist Signature Sticks

“When coming to write our new album Ashes Lie Still we were in the midst of the pandemic, the feel and tone of the album is very much reflective of that period of time, you can feel the sorrow, desperation and melancholy of all three of us in the riffs, melodies and lyrics,” said Hynes. “‘All I’ve Lost’ is a prime example of everything this album is. It’s packed with our signature death metal sound; groovy hooks, tremolo riffs and blast beats but with extra elements like dark melodies, layered leads and blackened motifs.”

Hynes gear includes:

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