MAKE THEM SUFFER Posts “Doomswitch” Playthrough

Make Them Suffer is now streaming their playthrough of “Doomswitch,” featuring guitarist Nick McLernon and bassist Jaya Jeffery. The single is currently a standalone one as we await a new Make Them Suffer record… but with a song like this, who needs a record anyway?


“My two main guitars are Jacksons,” said McLernon. “We play in two different tunings – 6 strings in drop A and the 7 string is in the same tuning with an added low E on the 7th string.

“The 6 string has a 25.5” neck scale with Floyd rose bridge system. To accommodate the correct tension of drop A tuning, the guitar is fitted with D’Addario NYXL beginning with a .74 on the bottom A string going through to .13 on the first. I have a strong rhythm hand so bigger strings in this tuning makes more sense.

“The 7 string is a multi scale which goes from 25.5” to 27”. The 7th string is fitted with an .80. They are both soloists. It’s hard for me to pick a favourite but I can’t ignore the quality of build of my Concept Series SLAT7P. The Neural DSP Quad Cortex contains all the effects and ‘captures’ I need to play my guitar live. The only pedal I use outside of my Quad Cortex is a Shure GLXD 16 wireless guitar receiver which doubles up as a tuner.

“I have another channel running out from the Quad Cortex that bypasses the cabinet simulator whenever we run EVH’s on stage. For many reasons, bands have been foregoing guitar amplifiers from backline. I still opt to use valve heads and cabinets wherever and whenever I can.”

Jeffery added: “My two main touring basses are Jackson 5 strings – the JS series Spectra and X series Concert fitted with gold hardware and a custom hot rod pickup. I also have a Fender jazz master that makes an appearance on special occasions. I run my bass through the Neural DSP Quad cortex which is been a game changer for travel and live tones. My entire pedal rig is captured inside the Quad Cortex.”

Nick McLernon’s Gear

Jaya Jeffery’s Gear

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