5 People We’d Rather See Front AC/DC Than Axl Rose

Recently, we came across this piece predicting who would step in as the front man of AC/DC and frankly, the title of this piece was inspired by that site’s #1 choice, Axl Rose. If it isn’t already obvious, we weren’t particularly fond of the list, so we decided to create our own, because why the heck not?


1. Chris Barnes

Six Feet Under has recorded more AC/DC songs than anyone other than AC/DC, and Chris Barnes’ throat is probably exactly as hashed as Brian Johnson’s, so why not? AC/DC’s first singer is already six feet under, so it’s a perfect fit.

2. Jorn Lande

He’s just the best there is, and he can do anything.

3. Wammo

It’s pretty likely that you’ve never heard of this man, but I swear by all that is holy, you will not be disappointed if you go down that rabbit hole. He’s a genius poet and absolutely hilarious. In the above clip, hear his flawless AC/DC impression. “Pussy and whiskey, midgets and beer – I’ve been abused.”

4. Doro

Doro Pesch rips, has the perfect sound for AC/DC, and almost as important, the quintessential rock and roll look/attitude. Definitely the best woman for the job.

5. Rob Halford

This is more like a morbid curiosity of what could be a total clusterfuck, but at least Halford has the high range to pull something like that off. Here’s him talking about touring with AC/DC:

Never mind about it possibly being a clusterfuck – here’s a recreation of what it could be like – with the singer of a Judas Priest tribute singing with an AC/DC tribute band! The internet really came through on this one.

Actually, pretty damn convincing. This might be an ideal combination right here.

If you’ve got a better idea, let us know in the comments, though I can’t say we’ll agree with them.

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  • If anything, they should just pull a Journey and get some random that does a better job sounding like how they always have. Better than adding some famous douche.

    • see also, Ripper Owens.

  • Why not use a women to sing with ac dc

  • Ted nugent

  • Udo Dirkschneider is the best suited for this task.

    • Accept’s older stuff has been compared numerous times to AC/DC, being called the German AC/DC, so it makes perfect sense to me. Udo would be beast, probably more drama-free than Axl Rose too.

  • Surprised no one has suggested Zetro.

  • Marc Storace would nail it. He also looks enough like Brian to pull it off as well.

  • hey, what about SAMMY HAGAR ??????????????????????????????

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