April 2016

...they'd probably also be a lot poorer, but easier to listen to.

The next wave of progressive metal has

Good idea - playing the Animaniacs theme on guitar. Bad idea - putting it on the internet so I can

Get your ass to a VHS rental store right away! Or, you know, a torrent site or whatever.

Learn the rules of the road from some hardened veterans.

This week we're giving away a System 65 guitar maintenance kit!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYtlNYck4sk I'll be brief - mainly because the PEDALpUNK is an extremely simple, but powerful, device. Imagine, if you will, that

Let me take you down, cuz I'm going to play this pedal with no preparation

Navene K rockiN a ve neK

We've got an exclusive premiere of Aussie classic-riffers' new track, "Sinking Ship."

Makes you feel all Wormed and fuzzy inside.

Commander from The Protomen runs down the best of the best burrito joints in the U.S.

Fluff, Jared Dines & co. take a swipe at big box music retail employees.