Electro-Harmonix Mel9 Mellotron Pedal – Trey Plays!

The sound of a Mellotron always puts me in my happy place. I think it’s the association with my longtime Top 5 GOAT band the Beatles and their extensive usage of it on songs like Strawberry Fields. But it’s also just a really great sound regardless, and they saw the potential of it very early on.


So the fact that Electro-Harmonix managed to cram it into a pedal that allows you to play it with a guitar is absolute magical witchcraft, and I was STOKED to get the Mel9 pedal to play. So, instead of doing my usual review style of doing an intense, very planned-out demo with multiple angles and the works, I wanted to just capture my initial reactions and tinkering with it.

So here you go, a very unrehearsed and unprofessional demo of an extremely well thought out and fun as hell pedal.

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  • this is a pack of lies. this pedal sucks! it tracks like shit and sound awful.

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