The Top Ten Bill Paxton Movies, According to The Protomen

So, we’re just hanging out today at PAX East in Boston on our day off, and how better to spend the spare time than to literally watch a PAX-ton of movies (that was a pun). As we were going down the list of what to watch, we decided we should go ahead and rank his best performances. Now, you may be saying to yourself, “That title is misleading. Paxton isn’t actually starring in some of these movies,“ and that is where we’d tell you that you’re dead wrong. Any movie with Bill Paxton is a Bill Paxton movie. He commands the screen. Never has an actor delivered such a diverse set of characters to the silver screen. The man is a certified national treasure.


The Top Ten Bill Paxton Movies

10. Streets of Fire

10 - streets of fire

9. Predator 2

9 - predator2

This one is probably his most reserved and classy performance in the list. I’m not saying he was robbed of the Oscar, but he was robbed of the Oscar.

8. Terminator

8 - superpunks

Him and that shape shifting Night Slasher are just the toughest punks ever…

7. True Lies

7 - true lies

Just go watch True Lies right now.

6. Near Dark

6a goes at top - near dark rv

6b goes at bottom -near dark 2

He’s a pretty awesome vampire in this one, rolling around in an RV that’s pretty much just like ours.

5. Tombstone

5 - tombstone

“Remember what I said about people seein’ a bright light before they die? It ain’t true. I can’t see a damn thing.”

4. Twister

4 - twister debris


3. Twister

3 - twister itsalreadyhere

It’s already here.

2. Aliens

2 - aliens imready

In his most charged performance, Paxton really challenges authority while having a nervous breakdown amidst an Alien onslaught.

1. Twister

1 - honesty and passion

The Extreme is passionate.

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