Top Ten Parking Lots The Protomen Will Sleep In On This Tour

We’re nearing the end of our stay in Boston and one thing that we’ve realized on this tour so far is that making a top ten list everyday is a tough job. I think next time we’ll leave the Top-Ten-List-Making to the Top-Ten-List-Making-Professionals. In the meantime here’s a list we’ve officially phoned in…


Top Ten Parking Lots We’ll Sleep In On This Tour

10. Walmart – Cleveland, OH

First Walmart of the tour… refreshing.

9. Walmart – Buffalo, NY

They sell buffalo wings in the deli.

8. Walmart – Toronto, ON

This sure is a foreign and exotic Walmart.

7. Walmart – Boston, MA

even though we have hotel rooms…

6. Walmart – Boston, MA

seriously, we have rooms, why the hell are we still at Walmart?

5. Walmart – Boston, MA

Oh, it’s because they have great shitters.

4. Walmart – Philadelphia, PA

I bet the Always Sunny cast shops here…

3. Walmart – Grand Rapids, MI

A grand Walmart next to a Grand River.

2. Walmart – Indianapolis, IN

I heard this was Kurt Vonnegut’s favorite Walmart.

1. Walmart – Chicago, IL

This is the last stop on the tour, so we should be sleeping in our own beds tomorrow… but will we? I mean, we have a lot of Walmarts in Nashville….

Now, you might be wondering why we sleep at so many Walmarts. Well, there’s one in nearly every town in the U.S. and it has everything you could ever need on the road: all night shitters, sinks for washing up, fantastic people watching opportunities, all night shitters, food, and all night shitters… and cat litter.

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