Gear Gods Presents: The Revenge of the Internet Tour

A whole lot of people have been working hard to bring today’s news to ya – we’re so stoked to be presenting what is so obviously the shred tour of the summer: The Revenge of the Internet.


Can you believe that? Believe it. We’ve got a killer lineup on this thing, culling from the darkest corners of Guitar Youtube, which will include DSME (Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors) and The Fine Constant, along with rotators Save Us From The Archon and Aenimus rounding things out. They’ll be ripping across the U.S. in June – don’t miss these shows. We’ll also have some exciting stuff like giveaways to announce soon, so keep your eyes peeled to the site.

Tour flier and trailer are below. Shout outs and “0000”‘s to our pals at Strandberg, Legator, Kalium, and Artery Global for all their efforts to put this thing together. Get ready to bust out your Behold the Arctopus sweatpants.


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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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