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A fine place to start if this is your "First Flight" with Longfield jams.

Starting to pick up a fretless instrument? Let Kilian show you the basics!

Ward off the Halloween spooks with this Fine Constant tune!

Learn slap bass techniques from Master Kilian, ahead of the Felix Martin band's US tour with The Fine Constant!

We are stoked to present this MUST-SEE guitar tour of the Fall!

Aenimus bassist Seth Stephens lays down the death-groove.

Nikki Simmons from Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors shares some trials, tribulations, and puppies of the road.

Guitarist Sarah Longfield demonstrates some tappy-tap riffs.

Can you guess which band gets the most mentions?

Bros and Go's - you guys know that the Revenge of the Internet Tour featuring Drewsif Stalin, The Fine Constant, Aenimus, and

Guitarist Sean Swafford demonstrates some licks on a "Transcend Reality" tune.

Featuring Drewsif Stalin, The Fine Constant, Save Us From The Archon, and Aenimus.

The question no one wants to answer, but does anyway!