SARAH LONGFIELD Soars in This Playthrough of “First Flight”


The multi- and mega-talented Sarah Longfield never ceases to impress. In this playthrough of “First Flight” from her recently released solo album, Collapse // Expand, she deftly maneuvers between dizzying tapped lines and alternate picked arpeggios both tastefully and imaginatively. All of this is executed, of course, on a .strandberg* Boden 8 with a custom paint job – that Sarah did herself. This is old news by now, but damn cool nonetheless. Why be amazing at one thing when you can just rule at everything?

Collapse // Expand came out February 22nd and was distributed to all major music outlets (Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.) via Distrokid (who also made this playthrough possible). You can catch a brief rundown of what their service is all about in the beginning of the video itself.

Sarah’s work is all over the Interwebs at this point, but if you want to keep up with more tunes influenced by “cran-raspberry juice” and “doughnuts,” a good place to start is here. She also plays in a progressive metal band called The Fine Constant, who will be playing the UK Tech-Fest this July. By the looks of things she’ll also be doing a solo set, so if you’re in the area and have the means, fuckin’ do it up.

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