FELIX MARTIN And THE FINE CONSTANT Team Up With Gear Gods To Pummel the USA


I’m super excited to announce that Gear Gods will be presenting Felix Martin and The Fine Constant on a US jaunt this November – beginning in Texas and laying waste to the entire country before they conclude in Portland.

Felix, as I’m sure you’re aware, is a Venezuelan virtuoso who rips on a freaking 14-string guitar – bringing his jazz education at Berklee College of Music to the metal scene. If you’re a fan of Revocation, Animals as Leaders, Dream Theater, or absurdly insane music pyrotechnics in general, then Felix is your man.

And of course, we’ve worked with The Fine Constant and Sarah Longfield many times – they’re a fantastic instrumental trio of virtuosos in their own right, ripping through melodic passages and polyrhythmic layers.

So yeah, this will be a masterclass in fredboard and drumskin savagery! Dates are below, with more to be announced. Keep your eyes peeled on The Fine Constant and Felix Martin‘s Facebook pages – if your city ain’t on here, it will be soon!


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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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