FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY – Patrick Sheridan Talks To Us About The Mesa/Boogie JP-2C

We met up with guitarist Patrick Sheridan of Fit For An Autopsy on the Fury tour, which featured Unearth, Ringworm, and Great American Ghost, and I had the chance to talk to him about the brand new Mesa/Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci head. We discussed its various features and how although it looks like a complex amp, it’s actually quite simple and powerful in its design.


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  • Possibly the greatest high gain amp ever made! I’d buy this over kemper because I want the best possible heavy tone and you really can’t beat the real deal. I like what Pat says about Mesa doing exactly what everyone was dreaming of, take a mark IIC+ and modernize even more. The fact that he said there’s no high gain hum that rectifiers are known for, makes me want it anymore.

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