Behind The Scenes of METALLICA’s Stage Show With TAIT STAGES

Although you may have never heard of them, Tait Towers is one of the biggest names in the world of live entertainment. As a leader in stage design and building, their work can be seen globally all year round with the likes of Madonna, U2, AC/DC, Elton John, Rammstein, Metallica and many many more in their 38 year career.


During one of my many late night YouTube rabbit holes in stage lighting research, I stumbled upon a docu-series TV show of the best kind. Simply called TAIT STAGES, each episode contains a gripping 22 minute look into some of the wildest stage designs you’ll see anywhere in the world. You can check out this one below, which focuses on the one they built for Metallica‘s Through The Never film. Warning, you’ll be hooked!

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