ROSEN DIGITAL Releases Kemper Profile Packs


Rosen Digital, the dudes who make the guitar cab IRs that we use the most here at Gear Gods, have just today released 7 new profile packs for the Kemper Profiling amp. The amps profiled include a Revv Generator 120, an EVH 5150 III, the PRS Archon, Peavey 5150, a Mesa/Boogie Single Rectifier, Fender Super Reverb, and an Engl Powerball II. So if you have a Kemper and you’re looking for some new tones to add that have been profiled in a recording studio with some quality gear instead of some noob’s bedroom with who knows what, you could take a gander at their selection.

According to the website:

Produced and engineered by Alex Nasla and Rob Rosen, the Rosen Digital line of Kemper Profiles give users world class amp rigs at the push of a button.
This collection of kemper profiles is the result of months of careful and critical development by our team. We did not force tones out of these amps that they are not suited for. Each amplifier has been captured in it’s most versatile state, allowing users the most flexibility to create their own tone.
Each amp pack includes multiple raw captured rigs with a complimenting cabinet which has been redeveloped for this product series. Additionally, mix & live ready presets are also provided for each amp channel produced by our team.
Missing from many kemper collections, the Rosen Digital line of profiles takes active steps to provide great clean tone profiles that are sure to diversify your rig collection.

Update: Rosen Digital Audio is now Lancaster Audio.

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