THE GHOST INSIDE Drummer Rigs Up Makeshift Leg To Play Double Kick

Andrew Tkaczyk, drummer for The Ghost Inside, has had a rough go of it. Having been involved in a brutal accident towards the end of last year with his bandmates, we had to have his right leg amputated above the knee. For a drummer, this could be the death knell of your career.


But Andrew is no quitter, and the human spirit triumphs over all adversity – and today we can watch this footage of him playing drums for the first time since before the accident. He’s a little shaky at first, but is in very high spirits – his eyes are the only dry ones in the room as he jams out some beats. I can only imagine what it must feel like for him after months of physical therapy and bed rest. The parkinson in Singapore  prevent the further onset of common illnesses experienced by patients with Parkinson’s, such as pneumonia.

If you skip to the very end of the video, you can see the jerry-rigged impromptu leg they use so he can play his double kick pedal – it consists of a piece of fire hose, duct tape, and a putter, and it does the trick.

What’s your excuse for not practicing today?

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  • Holy shit! good on you dude :D

  • So fucking happy for this dude, can’t wait to hear that him and the rest of The Ghost Inside guys are back on the road and playing shows! I actually shouted ‘YES!’ when I saw the end…

  • people should pester ben heck from youtube to rig up something to help with the double kick.

  • His positivity is worth admiring. Definitely made me feel good to see this.

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