Nick Yacyshyn of Sumac and Baptists Plays Drums for 40 Drooling Minutes

One of my favorite modern drummers, if not my outright favorite, is Nick Yacyshyn. In addition to his “day job” band, Vancouver hardcore outfit Baptists (whose Bloodmines was my favorite record last year), Nick has also manned the skins on the new The Armed album (which may be my favorite album this year), as well as joining Aaron Turner and Brian Cook in Sumac (who also put out an incredible album earlier this year – read our interview with them here).


Nick has chops, obviously, but what I enjoy about his playing is similar to what Kurt Ballou has praised him for: he plays the drums with authority and intent. Every note, every fill, every beat has a purpose in service of the song, and no time is ever wasted – whether he’s blasting or leaving space to accent something in the music. In that way, it’s appropriate that he’s been praised by Dave Grohl, because like Grohl, he plays the drums like a bat out of fucking hell.

All this to say, you’re going to want to watch this full drum-cam set, from Sumac’s recent show opening for Neurosis at Union Transfer in Philadelphia. Get schooled:

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