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We caught up with Aaron Turner, Brian Cook, and Nick Yacyshyn, to talk about SUMAC's current touring rig.

Can you guess which band gets the most mentions?

The question no one wants to answer, but does anyway!

The beauty of this question is that no one agrees!

We asked members of The Sword, Dillinger Escape Plan, Baptists, Exodus, and more, who would make the cut.

Members of Exodus, the Sword, Gorguts, and more weigh in.

We ask members of Exodus, Gorguts, The Sword, and more, about what piece of gear they absolutely can't hit the

A full live-set drum cam from one of our favorite drummers.

We interviewed a bunch of bands about the first thing they played.

New project featuring Baptists/ISIS/Russian Circles members plays through "Hollow King."

We chop it up with Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn about the new Vancouver indie outlet Rufus Drum Shop.

Supergroup featuring Baptists, ISIS, and Russian Circles crushes it live.

Members of Isis, Baptists, and Russian Circles come together to form one hell of a metal group.

Which one of YOUR favorite basement-metal bands made the cut?

Yes, a new drummer rigged! Plus, drum mic'ing tips from Baptists' producer Kurt Ballou.