Nick Yacyshyn Was Ridiculous At Drums Even as a Teenager

While the rest of Gear Gods are off stroking one another’s ponytails and playing with other boy’s toys in sunny California for NAMM (BTW, keep up with all of our coverage of the event at this comprehensive link, where you can find all the guides you need to performances, gear, clinics, performances from Animals as Leaders and Steel Panther, and more), we’re stuck freezing our bums off here on the East Coast. Make sure you follow our Instagram and Twitter to get all your NAMM/ponytail-convention news.


NAMM generally draws all the fiery news this week, so we’ll wind things down on our end mostly with some playthrough videos and assorted gear weirdness. First up is some nice archival footage of one of our favorite drummers, Nick Yacyshyn of Baptists and Sumac (check out our interview with Nick and Aaron Turner about their new band at this link). This clip was shot on Halloween 2005 at The Bassment in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, when Nick was in one of his first bands, A Textbook Tragedy. You can tell even then that Nick had something special going.

And of course, this is the man that that kid became:

Bloodmines, the new album from Baptists, is out now on Southern Lord. Sumac’s debut album The Deal is dropping February 3rd.

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