HammerFall’s New Drummer Heeds the Call

Earlier this year, a bit of controversy surrrounding the drum throne in Swedish power-metal mainstays HammerFall arose, after longtime drummer Anders Johannson quit the band through the back door by informing their booking agent before his fellow musicians. The group sprung into action though, locating a new skinsman in David Wallin, a more than capable drummer who can not only slap skins but also manually control pyrotechnics with a midi-pad mid-show.


I’m not the biggest fan of HammerFall’s music – like, I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to them – but they put on a spectacular show, so I was happy to hear they found a solid replacement in David. You can get a taste of his chops below, in a live playthrough of the track “Heeding the Call.”

It looks as though David also controls some kind of pads or sound effects through that MacBook in the bottom left corner. Drummers, pay attention to this kind of multi-tasking – it just might help you land a gig!

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.