Ænimus Goes Outside To Play Through Their Masterpiece

Ænimus is a melodic deathcore band from California. Fresh off a tour with Rings of Saturn, Arsonists Get All the Girls, and Auras, Ænimus have released a new playthrough for their song “Masterpiece,” off their full-length release Transcend Reality


They say kids today are too busy staring at a screen to go outside and play, but one look at this video proves that wrong. Plus it’s nice for me to be able to see what the outdoors looks like, since I’m too busy staring at a screen all day to go outside.  The serene setting provides a nice contrast to the speed and brutality of the material, and creates a calming effect that allows you to enjoy the music even more.

Teh shredz are brought on some awesome guitars. I LOVE EBMM Bongo basses, and in white? I’m going to figure out where the bass player lives from clues in this video and take it from him. Further EBMM porn ensues with a Petrucci model (JP12 maybe?) and a sweet-looking Agile. I’ma rob every dude in this band. Good taste all around. Oh yeah, they also play the crap out of them.

Check them out further at www.aenimusofficial.com.

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