Trioscapes’ Brand of Live “Hysteria” Is Two, Maybe Three Times Better than Def Leppard’s

What if you die at the end of 2014? Hey, it could happen. Shouldn’t you be living completely free of regrets? You may not achieve any of your personal goals, like getting into shape or landing a better job, but damn it at the very least you can finally catch Trioscapes live. Dan Briggs spends the bulk of his time touring the world and handling bass duties for Between the Buried and Me, so it’s not like his jazz fusion freakout project has many opportunities to get around.


If you’re lucky enough to live on the East Coast… well you have the distinct pleasure of living near me. But another, lesser, benefit is that you can catch Trioscapes during a week-long stint of Southeast dates with The Bronzed Chorus.

11/30 Greensboro, NC The Crown (Carolina Theater)
12/01 Richmond, VA Gallery 5
12/02 Charlotte, NC The Milestone
12/03 Durham, NC The Pinhook
12/04 Columbia, SC Foxfield Bar *no The Bronzed Chorus
12/05 Athens, GA Caledonia

We’ve done the best we can. The only year-end-resolution that Gear Gods has is to turn you on to the incredible level of talent ingrained in the blood of the members of Trioscapes. That’s why we went all out, with a lengthy interview with Briggs, and a Weekly Riff that breaks down the main bassline to “Digital Dream Sequence.” But if you need more fodder, it can be arranged. Take a gander at this live performance at the Bonnerhaus in North Hollywood, CA this past June.

Want more of that? Then you know where to be during the first week of December.

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