The Weekly Riff: Trioscapes “Digital Dream Sequence” by Dan Briggs

In “Riff of the Week,” you will be shown how to play a riff from a song by your favorite band, assuming of course that your favorite band is the one listed in the headline above. It will be demonstrated by the person who actually wrote or performs the part, for authenticity so pure it’ll tap your fingers ’til the blood dries out.


This week we have one of the main parts to the Trioscapes tune “Digital Dream Sequence,” from the album of the same name. It came out this past Tuesday on Metal Blade Records, and you can get yourself a copy at this location. Gear Gods recently spoke with Trioscapes/Between the Buried and Me bassist Dan Briggs, but after watching him tap the hell out of this riff I’m thinking we should refer to him as “Damn, Briggs.”

 download the tab as a .pdftrioscapes-dan-briggs-riff-of-the-week-digital-dream-sequence-tab

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  • The 9th bar should be an eighth note triplet :)

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