The Melvins Covered Bikini Kill, And It Sounds Sick

The Melvins have been collaborating with Mexican punk band Le Butcherettes pretty frequently as of late, touring together and releasing a split EP earlier this year. So it would make sense that they’d eventually find a way to work together creatively – in this instance, they’ve recorded a pretty sick cover of Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” with Le Butcherettes’ singer Teri Gender Bender.


The result is pretty cool, as you’d imagine, and is a nice glimpse into what The Melvins might sound like if they had a female singer. After hearing this, I’d love if they did a full album with Teri!

Of particular note is that this was cut live in Joyful Noise Recordings‘ in-house studio, and the actual records were produced on the label’s own lathe cutting machine. Those are two things that you don’t hear too often these days.

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