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Because at our pre-NAMM meeting it was ultimately decided that "would I look hot in your underwear" wouldn't be an

I can't believe we've gone this many NAMM posts without talking about pedalboards.

I hope you brought a big bag of cables. We're routing so many signals that we're going to need a

Today we're learning to make plutonium from common household items.

Straight to you from the NAMM after party at Noble Ale Works.

Big bottom comes in small boxes.

The original metal bassist now has his own signature model.

It's very sophisticated technology. It must take up at least four rack spaces.

Man, everything with you guys is NAMM this and NAMM that. Can't we talk about Helmet for once? And David

Planning on using it for bass? Well there's a DI now.

For those of you who want some tips from Kurt about bass tone in the studio, which I assume is

Where did the general keep his armies? In his sleevies.

This is extreme slap bass from beyond the scope of time.

These Frenchmen came to Brooklyn to record an album at the worst possible time, yet somehow pulled it together.

If you've wanted to lay down some synths but can't play the keyboard, and aren't the type to program it