NAMM 2014: Intronaut performing “Above” at Aguilar/Zon’s Bass Brews 2014

The clinic-style one-musician performances during the day at NAMM are cool and all, and it’s nice to see those players in a more intimate locale (if a room full of countless thousands can be considered intimate), but eventually I grow tired of all those pre-recorded backing tracks and 8″ speakers. Sometimes you just need a band.


And hey, Intronaut are a band. A damn good one in fact, that put out the 5th best album of 2013 in my humble opinion. I had some tough decisions to make but I passed on Guthrie Govan/Periphery to attend the Zon/Aguilar Bass Brews 2014 party. Intronaut’s Joe Lester, one of the best players in the scene, gets his distinctive tone via a fretless Zon bass.

So here’s “Above,” from Intronauts’ previous record Valley of Smoke, from their set that night.

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  • They preform a lot more than above

    • Or i guess the video stops there

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