FLUFF Untangles the Mysteries of the 4 Cable Method


Bearded YouTube personality and all-around gear guru, Ryan “Fluff” Bruce, is back with another instructional video from his Riffs, Beards, and Gear series. The dude has a great series of videos that detail pretty much everything live and recording musicians need to know, and this week he’s bringing us a tutorial for getting to know the infamous concept of the 4 cable method.

In the tutorial, Fluff walks us through part I (of II) of the setup that goes into utilizing the 4 cable method. Basically, the idea behind this approach is to be able to run your guitar’s effects in front of your guitar processor (Line 6 Helix, Fractal Axe FX, Kemper Profiler, etc.), and putting effects in the amplifier’s FX loop. It may sound a bit hairy if you’re not familiar with this stuff, but it’s a great solution for running your setup in a flexible and compact way, with literally only 4 cables needed. Just watch the tutorial, you’ll learn all friggin’ kinds of dang knowledge.

On top of this great breakdown, Fluff was also kind enough to include a diagram that details the proper setup for running said cables (see below). Take a second to study this, because although it seems intuitive, it can really help you understand the signal chain of your own personal rig that much more clearly.

For everything else Fluff, be sure to check his YouTube channel and Facebook page. And if you like good music (we know you do), the man makes some serious tunes for his band Rest, Repose, which you can listen to here. Stay fluffy.

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