Dream Theater’s iOS App Finally Realizes the Potential of Sega CD, also Bends Space and Time

Somewhere in the infinite Earths there’s an alternate timeline where multimedia continued to be the future, and the glorious potential of the Sega CD was fully realized. It was a world where anyone could direct a music video, or be John Watson, or save Dana Plato from some ninja-zombie-borg…things.


John Petrucci wasn’t satisfied with that evolutionary dead end, so he turned the knob that controls how hot the sun is and shifted existence to a reality where interactive music videos are still a thing. And then he made cameras able to film in 360 degree circles by playing fast enough to bend space around the lens. He can do that.

Those of you with the courage to march into this parallel universe can do so for $9.99 at the iTunes store.

Source: Guitar World

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  • If I wanted to look at the crowd instead of the band, I would buy the Gojira DVD.

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