NAMM 2014: Warwick’s New LWA 1000 Bass Amp

People love low end at Warwick: the company and the players alike. Never have I heard so much simultaneous thudding and thumping as I did at their NAMM booth. All of it was coming from the multitudes of LWA 1000 amps on display. Warwick’s rep gave us a demo of this tiny 1000 watt powerhouse.


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  • I got my LWA 1000 about 2 weeks ago and I am loving it. It sounds so transparent its almost not a bass amp which also makes it the ultimate bass amp its more like plugging into a hifi home stereo system. I really don’t like the class D amps out there I think most sound like a flat POS, I only own 5 amps right now , a 73 ampeg svt, 73 V4b, a 72 B15N and a 66 B15N and of course this one. I bought it as a lightweight alternative to lugging the vintage shit around and I actually am really enjoying the sound of this amp, it sounds amazing with everything too, even guitar and of course keys. Besides the obvious shit like its light and small and convenient and all that crap which is fine for a marketing ad or something but we are in the business of making music not turning ourselves into lazy weaklings and I will only play an amp that makes me want to play bass, and I just can’t get enough of the sound of this amp the EQ hardly does a thing think more like home audio instead of an instrument amp but I wouldn’t change a thing, the compressor is really good, I have many external compressors and have had a few amps with built in ones and this one just works and its so easy its especially great to use on one channel and not on the other or different degrees of each and this brings me to the separate identical preamp remark I hear on the forums and I was sceptical of it being of use with one bass and I was wrong I love it, I now would rather have the same 2 channels it just makes sense in the real world. DI sounds good, easy to use and looks real cool (mine is black) and lastly it has some balls, I have been playing it through a new 2×12 ampeg av cab and amazing I highly reccommend 4ohm cabs and last night I played it though my 8×10 and its as loud or louder than my svt head and the B string on the stingray I was playing sounded perfect and as loud as all the other strings punchy and tight.

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