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Like they intentionally wanted Ben's bad drumming on "Head Down."

I was going to make a more specific reference to Phantasy Star III but I thought it might be too

But if you try to wipe with it I will beat you until you have no arms. It's a very

You may have heard of him.

A ribbon microphone without the usual ribbon high-end roll-off.

Except maybe if your amp sucks and you want an excuse to borrow a better one from that other band

Their new "American Design Experience" puts you at the helm. I can't wait to make my new guitar from Big

For those of you who like the M80 Bass D.I.+ but wanted something smaller and don't need distortion.

Candiria are back after a 7 year hiatus. I had a chance to talk to their drummer Ken for an

I guess this is the theme for Monday. Let's roll with it.

You guys really want to have this conversation don't you? So let's have it.

Alternate headline: "Man Falls in Love With a Bass, Takes its Name in Matrimony."

This bass is a bad Mojo F-er. If you play it on the first fret of the E string

Not to knock the band, because they're killer players and what they are playing they pull off perfectly. But what's