KIESEL GUITARS Zeus ZM7 Headless Guitar Review


What’s up Gear Mortals, Trey Xavier here. You’ve been begging me for it for months, so here it finally is! On today’s edition of Gear Gods Quality Control, we’re gonna be taking a look at the Kiesel Zeus Multiscale guitar.

Kiesel Guitars has had a lot of success with their best-selling Vader series of headless guitars, as well as their Aries bolt-on guitars, and now they’ve branched out with a couple of hybrid designs inspired by those two models, with some added twists.

The Zeus is the single-cut version of this idea, while the Osiris is the double-cut. Both are headless, like the Vader, and bolt-on, like the Aries. I haven’t had a chance to play much on an Osiris, but the Zeus I’ve got here is cool as hell. This particular one is an antique swamp ash body, with a trans white burst on a flame maple top, a maple and walnut 3-piece neck, 27″-25.5″ fan, Hipshot hardware, single volume knob with a coil tap, Kiesel Lithium pickups, and a white Kiesel Treated Fretboard.

I’m personally always looking for a lighter guitar in my life because I spend long hours with a guitar around my neck recording and practicing so any kind of relief from shoulder pain is something I want. This guitar is incredibly light, and it plays like a dreamboat. I opted for a 20″ radius fretboard for a very flat playing surface, and the fan is big enough to make for ideal string tension but not so much that it’s hard to play at all.

This is one of the very prettiest guitars I’ve ever had, and I’ve gotten nothing but compliments on it through all the videos I’ve used it in this year. I’m a big fan of white guitars as I’m sure you’re aware, and I’ve wanted something trans white for a hot minute. Kiesel delivered and this finish is flawless all around.

I’m personally a bigger fan of neck-through guitars over bolt-on, and I wish they’d offer a neck-through version of this guitar. It’s one of the many things that I think Kiesel has over a lot of the guitar companies out there, their big selection of neck-through models, but it seems like the Aries bolt-on was such a big seller that I might be in the minority on this. As long as I can still get my neck-throughs I’m not too worried.

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