IN VIRTUE: Bassist Jamie Hush Refuses to Stay Quiet On This Playthrough of “Where The Edges Meet”

Los Angeles metal act In Virtue, fronted by none other than our fearless and sweaty leader Trey Xavier, recently released a powerfully courageous rooftop music video for their song “Where The Edges Meet.” Bassist Jamie Hush has now sat down to record a string THUMPIN’, bass BUMPIN’, fret HUMPIN’, absolutely SICK playthrough of the track.


Jamie is rocking that dangerously seductive Kiesel bass, shredding a tune that encompasses everything that djent, prog, and power metal fans will love. Soaring melodies, tight precision, and great production…what more can you ask for? In these rough times, consider supporting the band on their bandcamp and website. Be sure to also give them a follow on Facebook, and Youtube.

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