In Virtue Debut “Where The Edges Meet” Music Video

Shooting a music video on top of a building has been one of my dreams since I was a wee lad. Is there anything cooler or more rock and roll? Guns N Roses did it back in the day with “Don’t Cry” and Gojira recently did it with “Stranded” and honestly it never gets any less cool. Additionally, I have always wanted to play in a band that has a keyboardist. It would appear as though our fearless leader, Mr. Trey Xavier, has beat me to the finish line on both counts here, but I’ll get you one day Trey!


Anyway, In Virtue is a progressive metal band from Los Angeles that takes the term “progressive” and flips it on its head. In this new single entitled “Where The Edges Meet” we see the band fusing elements of traditional prog with the catchiness, hooks, and melody that you’d find in a pop song, and that’s not a bad thing! I think a lot of prog bands sort of miss the mark and forget what music is actually about: enjoying listening to it.

Trey’s vocals soar over the top of the expertly crafted choruses and stay stuck in your headway after the tune is over. Additionally, we see some fantastic guitar and keyboard work that doesn’t feel shoehorned or flashy rather, it actually contributes to the song. Bringing keys into metal is always a risky move (one that I am absolutely 100% in favor of), but In Virtue make it work in such a sick and natural way. I think what In Virtue did on “Where The Edges Meet” is a great example of how a band can be super progressive, but not scare the shit out of listeners with obscurity (see Yes’s 1974 album Relayer).

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