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The Metallica bassist sat in with the Mexican acoustic guitar duo for some re-imaginings of classic pre-Black Album tunes.

Because inexpensive doesn't have to mean cheap.

The band performs three songs for Audiotree Live.

Footage of the band tracking their new record with Between the Buried and Me producer Jamie King.

Between the Bass and You one thing will no longer be standing in your way: now you know how. Of

Proof that no pedals are needed for badass overdrive bass tone, given that you have the right amp and attitude.

To show you the sequence of their recording process.

That headline almost reads like a sentence, doesn't it? Or a command: "Hey bassist, land that fill! You fell behind

What, did you think the tracking of their next album would put a hold on their constant social media barrage?

The '90s space rock genre kings had to entirely rethink their live setup for the reunion tour.