We’re So Psyched on this Malpractice Documentary That We’re Giving Away Their Album, Turning Tides

There’s a new record, Turning Tides, from the Finland’s Malpractice. This fourth LP continues the band’s winning streak of merging glorious heavy metal with progressive rock creativity and talent. But it’s a record that may not have been made in some parallel, sadder universe. Without the safety net of a record label to fund Turning Tides’ production, the members of Malpractice discarded caution off the ledge of a majestic frost-covered mountain and personally took up the task of tracking the album.


In short, the tale of the Turning Tides is one worth memorializing, especially since it commemorates the band’s 20th anniversary. So the band has created a 25-minute documentary, chronicling the record from inception to completion. And we at Gear Gods are proud to be premiering it.

What’s more, we have a contest for you. Turning Tides deserves to be heard, and you have been recruited as the listener. There are 5 copies of the album that we will be giving away, in time for the September 16th release date. If you want your fingers to grasp the shape and texture of the Turning Tides, simply fill out the following form by 11:59PM on Monday, September 8th. The 5 winners will be announced the following week.

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Of course, if you’re not the type to gamble your fortunes on fickle wings of fate, you can preorder Turning Tides here in Europe and here in North America.


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