August Burns Red Show You Some Warped Tour POVs

Now I know that the phrase “Christian hardcore/metal band” is probably a trigger-warning for many of you guys, as is the label Fearless Records. But regardless of whether you’re a fan of August Burns Red or not, you’ve got to give it up for how cool this video is. Guitarist JB Brubaker strapped what is (obviously?) a Go Pro to the input-jack of his green machine – an angle that is interestingly seldom-used –  and let rip on “Identity,” a track off the band’s new album Found in Far Away Places. Drummer Matt Greiner also set up some cameras and recorded his parts of the track, presumably from the same Warped Tour stop in Mesa, Arizona.


What’s cool to me is these videos together function as a nice little close-up look at what it’s like to be onstage at Warped Tour. That’s an experience that few people who read this site would want to (or will ever) enjoy, so check em out:

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