Periphery Frolic and Fraternize in the Studio with Some Very Nice Guitars

Periphery wouldn’t need to “Escape from the Studio” if they weren’t in the studio to begin with. They’re neck deep into the tracking process for Juggernaut, the band’s third full-length, but what necks specifically you might ask?


Well, two of them are attached to a Blackmachine B2 and a Mayones Duvell. It’s good to know that the value of the guitars alone is higher than most bands’ entire recording budgets. Personally I’d take advantage of the current demand for Blackmachines, since buying one new is no longer an option, and pad my pockets with 150 portraits of Benjamin Franklin. But that’s just me.

By the way, what song is Nolly playing on guitar towards the end? I think it’s that CKY single from years back but my memory of radio rock from a decade ago is a bit spotty.

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  • Yes, that would be 99 Quite Bitter Beings by CKY. I still think its one of the more memorable riffs of the last decade.

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